March 15, 2008

I’ve been thinking about brains and how odd they are. For example I went comatose on Erin the other day, I have these episodes where my body refuses to respond. It occurs infrequently, usually at home where I can sleep it off. However on some occasions it hits me when its least welcome, such as in the pub when Chetna, understandably lost her temper. I find it strange that we have as little control over our minds as we do for our own hearts or lungs.

I was in the bath this morning and I was thinking about moving my toes, thinking about moving my toes does not in turn result in me moving them. The topic of toe moving is simply theory, the practice of doing so works entirely different. I can not explain it, the need arises and my body reacts. It’s this freaky disconnection whereby I wish my toes to move but there’s no contemplation on the issue, just action. This gets me thinking about conversing, whereby my replies are instinctual and I’m often swayed from one opinion to the next because I’ve never really THOUGHT about it.


One Response to “Brain”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    I know exactly what you mean, it really freaks me out…
    What I do so often is I’ll look at a situation and see bad things happen in front of me (in my head) and I’ll have to shake my head or something to get rid of the picture of whatever disaster it is -_-
    Makes my paranoia worse

    I wish we could control our minds a little more ._.

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