May 20, 2008

My head physically hurts, I’m guessing it’s due to how mad my life has been recently. So far my final major project consists of roughly 750 photographs, 80 pages of work and 24 18×12 prints, it’s due in this friday. World of Warcraft has been eating up yet more of my time, I’m a lvl 62 Troll Hunter.  Steven Erikson has me addicted to his books and I’ve discovered shit loads of awesome photo bloggers who have me refreshing every 2 minutes.

This Thursday is my 19th Birthday and I’m going to see Feist play in Manchester with Chet. On Saturday my family are coming up from Coventry but I will not see them because me and my friends are going out. We’re going to see the BodyWorlds exhibition in Manchester before going out in Bolton for a drink.

This half-term I’ll get to spend some time with Chet before she goes to America, I’m really looking forward to chilling out with her. I’ll hopefully get to see Kayley as well, we’ve not had a chance to talk in person about Falmouth University yet. I’ll also be staying in Hinckley for a few days to see my gorgeous baby Niece and loving family. Hinckley is also home to Angela and Danielle with whom I often go for tea and cake with at the church.

I feel as if I’ve really evolved over the last few months, my photography is important to me again and I’ve got a Cluck’in good social life (in retrospect). Anyway I was meant to blog these pictures for some awesome friendly kids I met in Southportbut but I think I’ve left it too late for them to find them:


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